Amazon Prime Day 2017: The best UK board game deals

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11 July 2017
amazon-prime-day-packages-1500x1000-22129.jpg Amazon Prime
Cards Against Humanity, Dobble, Monopoly and metal RPG dice among tabletop goodies on sale

Amazon’s latest Prime Day event is taking place today (July 11th), knocking down the price of plenty of products from the online retailer – including a healthy selection of tabletop games and goodies.

You’ll need to be a member of Amazon’s Prime £79/year subscription service to access the deals, which run for a limited time and only have a certain amount of stock available – although you might be able to make use of a free 30-day Prime trial if you haven’t tried the service before.

Some of the bigger names include party favourite Cards Against Humanity (and a couple of its expansions), fast-paced spot-the-match kids’ game Dobble and storytelling dice set Rory’s Story Cubes.

There are also new editions of some old classics slashed in price, such as Pokémon Monopoly, Dobble Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Risk, plus super-sized versions of Pass the Pigs and a Jenga-like block-stacking game.

Those looking for bargains on more recent releases or slightly less casual games might be disappointed, as it looks like many of the price reductions are on mainstream hits – there’s no Scythe here.

However, a few accessories are on sale, too, including a set of metal dice for roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons and a leather card case suitable for CCGs like Magic: The Gathering.

Take a look at all the deals below:

Dobble: £7.54, reduced from £12.99

UK edition of The Voting Game: £17.49, down from £24.99

Set of metal polyhedral dice set from DnDice£22.95, on sale from £28.95

Quiver leather card game case: More than half price at £31.92 from £70

Folding card game table: £67.49, down from £85.08

Risk Lord of the Rings: 39% off at £30.71 from £49.99

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Giant Stack and Tumble (Jenga-like): £29.04 from £54.99, saving 47%

Peppa Pig Monopoly Junior: deal starts at £;40pm

Rory’s Story Cubesdeal begins at 4:40pm

Pokemon Monopoly – Kanto Edition: deal starts at 5:05pm

Giant Pass the Pigs: deal starts at 5:05pm

Pass the Pigs: deal begins at 5:30pm

Dobble Star Wars: deal starts at 5:30pm

Jungle Speed: deal starts at 5:45pm

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game: deal begins at 5:45pm

Cards Against Humanity: UK Edition: deal starts at 6pm

Cards Against Humanity: Green Box expansion: deal starts at 6pm

Cards Against Humanity: The Bigger Blacker Box expansion and storage box: deal starts at 6pm

Accentuate: 34% off at £13.24 from £19.99 (Ended)


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