All aboard the hype train as Colt Express arrives on iOS, Android and PC

29 November 2016
ss_98a7a2ad7e861285670e9b20954c5f0297958d47.1920x1080-27314.jpg Colt Express' PC version
Digital version includes story mode with 30 chapters and online multiplayer

Yee-haw! Rootin’-tootin’ train-robbin' board gamin' title Colt Express has chugged into the thriving town of digital with a mobile, tablet and PC version.

Translating the tabletop original’s 3D train into a gorgeous 2.5D art style with animations and sound effects (watch the trailer below if you don’t believe us), the iOS, Android and Steam releases also include a single-player story mode which explores the six characters’ exploits over 30 chapters with varying objectives and unlockables, including multiplayer modes, skins and settings.

There’s also support for online multiplayer, whether with friends or random strangers in fitting with the Western genre. Leaderboards keep track of the best bandits around the globe.

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Colt Express costs £4.99 on iPhone and iPad, £6.99 on Android and £6.99 on PC via Steam.


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