Alessio Cavatore to create Hunger Games boardgame

29 January 2016
hungergames-72362.jpg Hunger Games
First details revealed about upcoming title from River Horse

It seems like there's no stopping prolific games designer Alessio Cavatore (creator of games such as Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings, Kings of War and, more recently Terminator Genisys) because he has just revealed his company River Horse is working on a boardgame inspired by the hugely popular Hunger Games series.

Speaking to Beasts of War, Alessio said the boardgame is still in the early stages but is due this year. "It will be a boardgame but I think there will be at least one stand-up, although we haven’t finalised that yet," he explained. "We think Katniss or one of the other main characters, possibly more but that’s still to be defined. It would be nice to have them as figurines as well.

"The details aren’t finalised yet but we think it’s going to be a battle for Panem where you have the districts and the Capital fighting it out in terms of economy and food. On top of the conflict you also have the propaganda war."

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Alessio is obviously very excited about the prospect. "It is fairly amazing and I just refused to believe it was happening… I was, just like, surely this cannot come to pass. Not us, really? Us? But it turns out that the odds were in our favour…it’s almost like being drawn to be a Tribute. It is both amazing and terrifying."

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