Age of Steam returns next year in a gorgeous deluxe edition from Lisboa illustrator

29 October 2018
age-of-steam-2019-54020.jpg Age of Steam: Deluxe Edition
All a board

Martin Wallace’s train game gem Age of Steam is receiving a spruced up new edition.

The latest version of the 2002 tile-placing, route-building, finance-juggling rail strategy game will come to Kickstarter early next year courtesy of publisher Eagle-Gryphon Games.

While the gameplay remains untouched, the ‘deluxe edition’ of Age of Steam will feature a visual overhaul from Lisboa, The Gallerist and Vinhos artist Ian O’Toole, – the first images of the boards and tiles show the illustrator’s signature use of stunning pastel colours and clean graphic design.

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In the box will be six maps, including the Rust Belt – the original game was expanded by dozens of additional layouts, from both official and third-party creators.

The deluxe edition’s hexes have been confirmed to be the same size as previous editions, meaning that existing maps will be compatible with the updated components.

There’s no word on when the game will land with backers of the campaign or in shops if the Kickstarter is successful. We’ll find out more in 2019.


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