Age of Sigmar resurrects the lizardmen faction

09 March 2020
Are you feeling skinky?

Good news for any Warhammer Fantasy Battles lizardmen players, the Age of Sigmar equivalent Seraphon (which is a much better name) are just about to get themselves a shiny new battletome and several starter sets.


In Battletome: Seraphon, “the might of the heavens is yours to command! This tome of rules, art and lore is your complete guide to these avenging lizardmen and their monstrous armies. Discover why the Seraphon came to the Mortal Realms, how their society works, from the celestial beings known as the Starborne to the savage reptilian Coalesced. Learn their lore, get inspired and field an army for yourself with a suite of powerful and thematic rules, including allegiance abilities, spell lores, artefacts and more.”


The battletome, which comes in at just over a hundred pages, has everything you need for fielding a Seraphon army as well as a nice selection of lore and history, artwork, allegiance abilities, and sub-faction rules. But perhaps the most important part of the Seraphon is the slaan, the toad like priests, have the ability to cast spells that no-one else can control. 

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With pre-orders on the various ‘start collecting’ sets including saurus warriors, knights, carnosaur, skinks, terradon riders and a bastiladon available to bolster your army it looks like the colourful carnivores are finally back. 


And to make the jungles a little more varied, Games Workshop have also put up a new goblin starter set called Gloomspite Gitz with squigs, trolls, and a bagpipe playing goblin. As well as the Daughters of Khaine, a Melusai force with such lovely unit names as cauldron of blood, slaughter queen, and melusai blood stalkers.


All of these new sets are available for pre-order from the Games Workshop website here.


I miss the old fantasy battles system.

Posted by Marc Allison on Tue 10 Mar 21:34:56