After years out of print, sci-fi dungeon-crawler Level 7 [Omega Protocol] is back with a second edition

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17 October 2018
level-7-65524.png Level 7 [Omega Protocol]
Out next June

For years, Level 7 [Omega Protocol] has been hard to find – and even harder to stomach the cost of once you do track down a copy. But now the game is returning in a second edition that’ll give more players the chance to experience the dungeon-crawling sci-fi adventure.

Level 7 [Omega Protocol]’s Kickstarter campaign, which is live now, will bring back the semi-co-op tactical action of the miniatures-heavy board game, which sees a group of players in command of Aliens-esque soldiers facing off against an overseer controlling the xenomorph-like creatures that have overrun a secret government base.

The gameplay combines dice-rolling resolution with the management of adrenaline, a resource that can be used by the commandos to perform greater actions and by the overseer to bolster their swarming beasties. Each scenario involves a specific objective, with a ‘crisis point’ ramping up the difficulty partway through – the missions can be played in sequence as a campaign.

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No exact details have been given on how the second edition will differ rules-wise to the original 2013 game beyond brief mention of a new line-of-sight system, which has been out of print since 2016, although publisher Privateer Press is offering the physical additions – including new miniatures, cards and room tiles – as a separate update pack for owners of the first edition. The game’s sequel-expansion, Level 7 [Extreme Prejudice], is also available as part of the campaign, and adds five additional scenarios.

Level 7 [Omega Protocol]’s campaign runs until October 31st and has already exceeded its target. The game is planned for release next June.


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