After a two-year wait, the next expansion for Memoir '44 has finally been revealed

09 January 2018
pic3922540_lg-44710.jpg Memoir '44: Through Jungle and Desert
Through Jungle and Desert is second release in second series of battle maps for WWII game

Two years after the first expansion in Memoir ‘44’s second series of battle maps was released, Richard Borg’s World War II wargame is finally getting its next instalment.

Through the Jungle and Desert follows 2016’s The Battles of Khalkin-Gol and focuses on battles in the jungles of Burma and sands of North Africa, divided into six standard scenarios and two Overlord missions.

The six standard setups come as pre-printed scenarios, including terrain and unit positions alongside the historical framing of the battles and any additional rules. The missions set in the jungle can be played as standalone encounters or in sequence as a campaign, with the outcome of earlier missions influencing later matches.

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The two Overlord scenarios are based on the fight for Henderson Field in Guadalcanal and the second battle of El Alamein in Operation Lightfoot, with the latter a sprawling desert conflict.

There are two new decks of combat cards in the set, enhancing the atmosphere and drama of fighting in the jungle and desert with various events.

You’ll need Memoir ‘44’s previous Pacific Theater and Mediterranean Theater expansions – plus a copy of the base game – to play Through Jungle and Desert when it comes out this April.


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