Aeon’s End: War Eternal is a standalone sequel to the fantastic fantasy deckbuilder

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22 March 2017
pic3475225_lg-87352.jpg Aeon's End: War Eternal
New mages, nemeses and cards can also be combined with original box using upgrade pack

Kevin Riley’s Aeon’s End only hit shelves a few months ago, but the designer is already working on a follow-up to his deckbuilding hit.

Aeon’s End: War Eternal is both a standalone sequel and expansion for the original game, allowing players to play the box by itself or mix it in with the first instalment using an update pack.

Inside the box are eight new mages, 231 original player cards (including brand new powers), four big baddies to take on and 67 cards to unleash their abilities, plus the 24 breach tiles, pair of life dials and tokens needed to play the game without having to buy the original.

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War Eternal also features redesigned cards and boards, putting more of a focus on the game’s fantastic artwork.

An additional mini-expansion, The Void, adds another two mages and two nemeses, with 50 player cards and 18 nemesis cards, respectively. It’ll also have seven nemeses-specific tokens, including what looks like a set of breaches for the foes themselves.

As with Aeon’s End, which raised almost $190,000 (£152,500) on Kickstarter last year, War Eternal has taken to the crowdfunding platform. It’s already smashed its initial $30,000 (£24,000) target several times over in around a day, achieving the goal in two hours and now sitting at more than $120,000 (£96,300) with 29 days left to run.

$65 (£52) (plus $15/£12 shipping to the UK) will get you War Eternal and The Void in time for their release in August. You can also pick up the base game, plus previous expansions The Depths and The Nameless.


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