AEG to publish new edition of The Captain is Dead in 2017

22 November 2016
pic2037090-79214.png The Captain is Dead's artwork
Sci-fi co-op game will feature new artwork and support integration with Kickstarted episodes

Crowdfunded sci-fi co-op hit The Captain is Dead will be republished in a shiny new edition early next year, AEG has announced.

The game was Kickstarted by The Game Crafter back in 2014, and followed up by two further ‘episodes’.

The Kickstarter versions will be fully compatible with the revamped release, AEG confirmed, stating that the only changes will be new artwork and design layouts. We hope they keep the incredible box art, at least.

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The Captain is Dead sees up to seven players working together to survive in space, each taking on the role of a different crew member. The crew moves around the ship and maintains vital systems to defeat attacking aliens and get the jump drive back online to escape.

AEG’s release looks to be just the first episode of the game, as it confirmed on Facebook that the release of subsequent episodes would depend on the sales performance of the title at retail.

A price was said to be unconfirmed at the moment, but you can expect to see The Captain is Dead on shelves sometime in the first quarter of 2017.


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