Adorable Valentine’s Day edition of Kitty Paw turns the cutesy cat game into a purrfect love letter

10 January 2019
kitty-paw-valentines-10188.png Kitty Paw: Valentine's Day Edition
Can't help feline in love

Can’t decide whether to get that special someone a greetings card or a board game for this year’s Valentine’s Day? You’re in luck!

The new Valentine’s Day Edition of cutesy cat game Kitty Paw includes a love letter built into the box itself, held by the wide-eyed feline on the cover. As the box is opened. The envelope opens to reveal your message and the words ‘Love You’ with a paw print. Aw.

Inside the box, it’s the same fast-paced dexterity game as before, with players racing to create the patterns on kitty cards using the hex-shaped moggy tiles in the centre and score the most points.

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The cuboid cats on the tiles, illustrated by designer-artist Aza Chen, remain as adorable as ever, as does the light theme of kitties playing hide-and-seek in cardboard boxes.

The Valentine’s Day Edition of Kitty Paw costs £20, and will be out before February 14th rolls around in just over a month. Who knows, give it as a gift and maybe it won’t be long until you’re ordering the Wedding Edition of Love Letter.


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