Abba Games’ Justice League: Dawn of Heroes headed to Kickstarter

19 September 2016
PORTADA_3-54498.jpg Justice League: Dawn of Heroes features versus and co-op modes for two to six players
Two- to six-player adventure title sees a pair of teams take control of DC comic book characters including Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor and Joker

Ahead of another barrage of superhero movies lined up for 2017, Abba Games has announced that it will take a stab at bringing the DC Universe to the tabletop.

Justice League: Dawn of Heroes is described as an adventure-combat board game for between two and six players.

The players split into two teams – Heroes and Thistledown – and take control of DC comic book goodies and baddies, including the Justice League (that’s Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and pals) and, on the other side, Joker, Cheetah, Black Manta, Lex Luthor and more.

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Seemingly story-driven, the game includes multiple different missions, each split further into chapters. Each team will work towards a set of objectives, earning perks before a final face-to-face showdown.

Dawn of Heroes (which confusingly appears as ‘Justice League: the Board Game’ in promo art) includes rules for versus play as well as co-op. Mechanics span dice rolls, point management, grid movement and ‘customisable’ game boards.

It also includes a progression saving system potentially akin to Time Stories, meaning groups can pick up where they left off on a different day.

Having earned a go-ahead from DC and Warner Bros, Abba will launch a Kickstarter campaign for the game later this year, aiming for an initial printing run in 2017 – the same year that Wonder Woman and Justice League films hit the silver screen, with Aquaman, Shazam, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Flash, Batman, Dark Universe and Superman (plus sequels and unannounced films) already set for following years. Phew.


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