A sneak peek at Tabletop Gaming Live 2020

12 January 2020
Big names set to return to Alexandra Palace Saturday the 26th and Sunday 27th September

The halls of Alexandra Palace are quickly being booked up with exhibitors for Tabletop Gaming Live 2020. Here’s a few that will be joining us.

Gameswright, creators Sushi Roll (and Go!, and Go! Party) and Dragonrealm return with classic games from their catalogue. King of Tokyo publishers IELLO will be back – and if we’re lucky we might get our hands on the extremely limited Dark Edition of the game, or be treated to miscreant-tossing game Flyin’ Goblin.

For those of us looking to hone our crafting skills, then Ravensburger might be able to help with the new Minecraft: Builders and Biomes game. If you wanted to just fit in then Big Potato will be offering you that chance with Chameleon. If you wanted to stand out then 20 Second Showdown will provide you with the fleeting feeling of infamy. 

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Miniatures fans are set to another treat with TTCombat bringing their intricate, beautiful scenery to the show – mostly in aid of making Drop Fleet Commander, Carnevale and Rumbleslam look just that much hotter on our tabletops.

Czech Games, if that is indeed their real name, should be showing off Codenames as well as word-finishing games like Letter Jam. On the other side of word-wrangling games is Heidelbaer who offer their word-building and social deduction game, Decipher

And that’s just a taste of what’s to come. Get your tickets now to get your hands on all this and more.


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