A Resident Evil board game is in the works from the creator of Dark Souls

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06 July 2017
static1.squarespace-08717.jpg "Trash Panda Metropolis' - aka Resident Evil's Raccoon City
‘Trash Panda Metropolis’ teased for announcement at next month’s Gen Con

Hot off the heels of Dark Souls: The Board Game – which divided critics but raked in almost £4 million on Kickstarter nonetheless – Steamforged has begun hinting at its next big project, which sounds an awful lot like an adaptation of horror video game Resident Evil.

The Guild Ball publisher announced on its blog that it would be showing off a top-secret project codenamed ‘Trash Panda Metropolis’ at Gen Con next month.

As well as the obvious nod to Resident Evil’s setting of Raccoon City in the title, the description has several not-so-subtle references to other elements of the long-running zombie-killing series, saying “Hope you brought an umbrella” – referencing the evil Umbrella Corporation – and warning “Event name and description is subject to mutation” – which likely refers to the transforming monsters that populate the games. Not to mention that the 'Trash Panda' artwork looks very familiar indeed – could the game be based on Resident Evil 2 specifically?

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There’s a general description about what players will be doing, hinting that the game will centre around an escape from Raccoon City and a fight against the accidental outbreak of the virus from Umbrella. Pretty standard stuff for a Resident Evil title, really.

That’s about it – we’ll learn more in August.


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