A Nightmare in Sutradain - Feywild for D&D 5E | SPONSORED POST

29 July 2021
Will you find what you're looking for?


Beyond the rolling blue grass hills, covered by the golden leaves of the Mother Tree lies Sutradain. Many travellers make their way towards the city, either intentional or subconsciously. Some find what they are looking for, some find something better. Or worse.

Thrill seekers could join up with the Wild seelie hunters known as Restless-hunger-before-hunting to track and defeat mystical beasts of legend. The more culinary adventurous will gorge themselves on the succulent dishes prepared by members of the Gilded League. And all will find something they desire while browsing the many markets full of wondrous items.

Step right up and join the tour through our grand city. Better pay attention, because it’s not gold and silver what speaks in these lands. It’s relationships and favors. Did we tell you that this tour is already a favor? Nice to meet you. And your name is?

Welcome to the city of Sutradain. Sprawling districts on multiple levels stretching between the Great Trees and colossal crystal spires are the home of thousands of Seelie. This book will take you along all these districts with dozens of fantastic buildings with unique twists inspired by neo-Celtic architecture. Examples are the Gilded League, a chain of restaurants, each with its own signature magical dishes and the city hall, which has a custodian that makes the building come alive.

Sutradain isn’t the capital city of the seelie without reason. It hosts all subspecies of Seelie; Small Folk, Tree Children, Sky Seelie, Soul Seelie, Ascended Tree Children, Wild Seelie, and Washed Seelie. Each one represents an aspect of nature, from nature’s caretakers to the reification of the hunt for prey. We have created over 200 pages with details about their culture, religion, and their day-to-day lives.

Of course we’re not just giving you an empty setting. The book contains an adventure that starts at level 3 and will take any willing party through the city’s surroundings and far beyond to fight the nightmare dragon Gweenthrax that’s threatening to slowly tear the city apart from within. On the way you will visit extraordinary locations such as the temple of Kaer Darmorgan, the Field of Fungi, and the mountain settlements of the vile Magorak. Each ecosystem, such as swamps, burrows, and mountains harbors new & unique challenges using every mechanic known to D&D to keep the players on their toes. For more approachable wildlife the party should visit the city’s menagerie where, for enough favors, new mounts can be found.

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If that’s not enough, there are always the markets of Malar’spir, filled to the brim with new and exotic items of seelie origin, many of which will enhance art of any kind, whether it’s cooking, poetry, or theatre. Or you could enroll at the Bardic or War Dancers college to study the Seelie’s finely honed arcane and martial traditions.

If you click the link to go to our Kickstarter and download the free preview, you might be just in time for the Blue Moon Festival.

See you in Sutradain!



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