A Game of Thrones: The Board Game’s next expansion – its first in five years – brings the Mother of Dragons to Westeros

02 August 2018
gotbg-mod-36294.jpg A Game of Thrones: The Board Game – Mother of Dragons
Call me Khaleesi

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is getting its first expansion in five years, and it’s a biggie.

Mother of Dragons – as the name suggests – introduces House Targaryen as a playable faction, giving you the perfect opportunity to ask your friends to refer to you as Khaleesi for several hours.

Daenerys and her armies start the game on a brand new sideboard representing the land of Essos. The dragon queen herself has the ability to force opponents to discard power tokens equal to the difference in combat strengths, as per her card.

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The Targaryens aren’t the only house making a move for the Iron Throne, either. Mother of Dragons also adds an eighth playable force, House Arryn, expanding the role they played in the four-player scenario included with 2013 expansion A Feast for Crows.

Lastly, Mother of Dragons brings with it the Iron Bank of Braavos, with which players can bargain to obtain a loan to fund their conquest of Westeros – albeit at a cost.

Mother of Dragons will be landing in A Game of Thrones: The Baord Game in the final quarter of 2018, and will cost $40 (£31) in the US.


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