A First Look at Edict: Solar Contention – Forge Your Commercial Space Empire

27 May 2021
A near-future corporation space exploration game!

Take a look at what's inside the box with Edict: Solar Contention, a new game headed to Kickstarter on 8th June 2021. 

Edict: Solar Contention is your chance to build a space empire. Earth has stagnated, and now corporations are gaining licences and edicts to head into space to obtain specific resources needed on Earth. Two to five players will take on the role, as a non-combative 4E game, designed by Edward & Allistair Mitchell. 

As you play, you'll make choices that impact your game – hire and fire your team, monitor their loyalty, collect differing resources for the opportunity to gain solar coins that contribute to your chance of winning, plus more.

Join Charlie as she opens up the box and checks out the components inside, though be aware this is a pre-Kickstarter version of the game, so you will see changes to the components in their final form.

What's a Solarlabe? Who are we hiring? How big is the board? Find out below from 12 noon Friday 28th May 2021. 

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The game is also supported by a detailed backstory, explaining the ascension of private corporations into space exploration, leading up to Edict 2040, which began simply with space exploration, buildings, and developments, and moves further into earth-related crises which lead to the Edict. You can read more of that, plus the corporations who have successfully gained a 4E license (and those seeking to) over on its website

You can find the Edict: Solar Contention website by clicking here, or alternatively, head directly to their Kickstarter to be notified when the game launches



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