7th Citadel Gains Over $2 Million on Kickstarter

01 October 2020
Feeling the Frosthaven Vibes

It's always fun to watch a Kickstarter amount climb before your eyes, and that's what we've been seeing with The 7th Citadel, as it climbs to over $2 million pledged. 

In GBP, the current total (at the start of writing) is £1,592,755, an astonishing increase on the £272,356 set as the original funding goal. When we said it was funded in our Weekly Kickstarter Round Up post yesterday, there's now perhaps an amendment to be made to note it as very funded!

Having said that, The 7th Continent has been an incredibly popular game, and our recent review of The 7th Continent: Classic in Issue 46 agreed it was indeed a classic, and so the success of The 7th Citadel, from the same designers, is perhaps to be expected. 

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The 7th Citadel represents a new exploration game, set in a post-apocalyptic medieval fantasy world. You'll play as a "slave-gardener", having escaped the Citadel, but finding even greater Threats (with a capital T!) outside of it. Much like before, it's a focus on your exploring, which you'll do using numbered terrain and event cards. You'll need to make choices when scenarios present themselves, which will ultimately lead you to the Threat, where your choices will impact your outcome.

To change it up from the previous game, there's the new universe, a customisable action deck, interactions now available, survival actions are no longer the focus of the game, and more. It's easy to get excited about a game like this, there's a really solid foundation in the first game, and you can never have too much of a good thing!

You can pick up your own copy still, and the single pledge is for €69, which is approximately £63, with shipping to be added afterwards. You can find it over on Kickstarter until October 15th. 



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