‘7 Wonders in space’ card-drafter Among the Stars is coming to mobile soon

01 November 2017
pic2037906-43498.jpg Among the Stars
2012 title sees players building a space station rather than a civilisation

The long-awaited and oft-delayed mobile version of 7 Wonders is now being beaten to the punch by another card-drafting game set to go digital.

Among the Stars was released back in 2012 and was quickly described as ‘7 Wonders in space’ by some players due to its gameplay similarities to the iconic card-drafting civilisation-builder, despite the fact that players were racing to construct a space station rather than an empire for the ages.

There are several differences between the games in terms of how they play, with Among the Stars taking place over four rounds of pick-and-pass card placement and offering up bonuses for specific arrangement of different sections and colour-coded cards.

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The upcoming iOS and Android adaptation is being developed by studio Cublo, which previously brought Martin Wallace’s Brass to Steam.

Cublo was showing off the app at last week’s Essen show in Germany and has teased that the game should be out ‘soon’ – so hopefully it won’t be long before we’re able to fill the 7 Wonders-shaped hole in our virtual hearts.


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