7 Wonders finally lets you play against your friends on mobile

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01 March 2018
Screen-Shot-2018-03-01-at-09.32.08-47401.png 7 Wonders
Update also adds Leaders expansion

After years of waiting, 7 Wonders’ mobile app launched last year to mixed feelings from fans. Yes, it was great to finally be able to play the excellent civ-building card game on phones and tablets, but where was the option to play with your friends?

At the time of its release, 7 Wonders on iOS and Android only had the option to play against AI or to matchmake against a random stranger on the internet through the online quick game mode. If you wanted to play a friend, you’d need to keep setting up new games in the hope of randomly bumping into them – something made harder by the difficulty of leaving a match you’d already started.

Fortunately, 7 Wonders’ developers have responded to the criticism with the app’s latest update, which finally introduces the ability to create custom matches. You can now host either a private game just for you and your friends by using a password, or fill the remaining slots with other people to ensure a full match.

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The iOS and Android update also adds the option to surrender a game you’ve left, making jumping into a new match a slightly smoother process.

Finally, the update adds the game’s first in-app purchase, the Leaders expansion, which adds extra leaders, a new wonder and four guilds. It’s £2 (the main game is £5), and has a trial mode for those curious to try before they buy.


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