5E Compatible Combat Wheelchair - Now With Miniatures

21 August 2020
Everyone can be a hero

Last week, we saw disability advocate Sara Thompson publish her 5E compatible Combat Wheelchair. It took the D&D community by storm, and whilst there are always going to be those who dispute its existence, the wheelchair celebrates inclusion and is ultimately effective. The download with rules is completely free, and also available in a dyslexic friendly font. 

It includes things like super tough wheels, the ability to float, attack, and are magical.

Equally, D&D Lead Writer Jeremy Crawford contributed to the narrative on Twitter earlier, saying: "D&D is a co-op game, in which we weave fantasy tales for our mutual bliss. If someone wants to play a hero in a wheelchair, for example, uphold their bliss, especially if that hero reflects their real-life experience. We're all happier when we support each other like this."

Representation in D&D has been called into question over the last year, and in newer statements it committed to doing better. Though not D&D official, its creation has certainly sparked a discussion within D&D groups as to how best make the game as accessible and representative as it can be, with conversations ongoing. 

Art by @claudiopozas


Since then, however, rather fantastically Strata Miniatures has created a new line of wheeled heroes. You can purchase either the created version in resin/metal from £15, or the digital print file for £5, where 25% of the purchase cost will go towards Ehlers-Danlos Support charity. These will be available from 21st September 2020. 

These miniatures include an Elf Rogue

"Quick witted and silver tongued, her mind is as sharp as her blades! With an eye for coin and a passion for danger, this is one adventurer who is never far from trouble!"


Human Druid

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"Carried by the living wood of the forests she protects, watched over by her wise companion. A guardian of secret places and defender of the innocent."

Teifling Cleric:

"A gentle heart and an inner strength, he is one who shines a light in the dark to guide others to safety. With faith in his cause, he is an ally in both the din of battle and the quiet of night’s watch."

Dwarf Barbarian

"Fierce and quick to anger, yet loyal and true, this is one dwarf you don’t want to mess with! An axe in each hand and a fire in his heart makes him a dauntless ally- or terrifying foe"



The miniatures themselves look fabulous, and the addition of rules such as these is a welcome change and upgrade. As Strata Miniatures says, everyone can be a hero!


Just brilliant! Well done Strata Miniatures for promoting inclusion. As you say, everyone can be a hero.

Posted by Barry Floyd on Fri 11 Sep 15:24:26