5 Minute Mystery revealed as the next 3D Wiggles game

24 November 2019
Have you got 5 minutes? I have a mystery for you...

The follow up to the well received 5 Minute Dungeon has been revealed less of a dungeon rush and more of a speed-solver. 5 Minute Mystery hope to give us a fresh twist on the 5 Minute Dungeon formula by adding a bit of Cluedo and some smart communication.

The game revolves around a team of players  checking a scene for specific shapes and creating a rightly configured dial to progress to the next scene. One player takes the codex and describes what the other players are looking for on the scene card. Together they attempt to configure the dial. After they’ve found all of the symbols they believe they’re looking for, the card is checked. 

If correct you’ve solved this part of the mystery and you get a clue with regards to the culprit through a matching system. Sometimes you can be given a clue that doesn’t match, making this part sound a little like Guess Who?

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The art for the game looks particularly nice so far. Also, the idea of trying to correctly communicate what you’re looking for while others desperately search through a scene suggests a kind of over-the-table chaos we all love.

If you’re looking to solve mysteries at a rate that might finally make a dent in the Midsomer crime rate, 5 Minute Mystery might be exactly what you’re looking for. The kickstarter is set to go live on the 26th November, and you can get a reminder here.


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