2022 Board Game and RPG Black Friday Deals

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25 November 2022
Our quick guide to finding the best board game and roleplaying savings this black friday

Black Friday, if you partake, is one of the best sales events of the year for board games and roleplaying games. This year we've thrown together a quick guide to Black Friday RPG and board game deals. Grab a bargain price on a game you've wanted for a long time or use it as an excuse to pick up something entirely new.

Free League are offering 50% off roleplaying games in their store including the likes of Alien RPG and Tales From The Loop. 

Draco Ideas have an extra 15% off until midnight, that's on top of many of their fun little war games being 50-70% already! Use the code #BF22.

Serious Poulp are offering you the chance to get more expansions for the excellent 7th Continent, with 25% all extra adventures until the 20th November.

Exalted Funeral, purveyors of indie RPGs of all stripes with over 50% off on bundles like the Old School Essentials books, ARC, and Mystic Punks. Plus 30% off sitewide.

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The Dice Shop Online are offering 20% off with the code BLACK.

Steamforged, off the back of the HUGE Elden Ring Board Game Kickstarter have found another way to fill your house with massive games – with a sale that offers up to 80% off. We particularly recommend the 65% saving on the Dark Souls card game.

Tabletop Gaming (hi!) are offering several small themed mystery boxes for Black Friday at 50% off RRP. I've seen what's going in, and they're really good. Boxes range from £25 for a little treat, up to £85. Go get them! (Or an advent calendar, although it won't arrive for the 1st December at this point).

There's also this Troika! bundle which we think is really cool.



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