1898 Miniaturas bolsters 28mm Spanish infantry line with skirmishers

19 January 2017
DSC_1318-1080x675-01041.jpg 1898's new skirmishers
Empress now stocking range of troops for use in Cuban War of Independence and Spanish-American War

1898 Miniaturas, the miniatures maker focused on producing 28mm figures for use in battles set during the Cuban War of Independence and Spanish-American War, has expanded its range of Spanish infantry with some new troops.

The Spanish infantry skirmishers are available in campaign dress and are depicted wearing worn-out rolled-collar uniforms and hats.

Six figures are on offer, with poses including firing, loading and advancing.

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This means the ES5 line can complement the existing campaign advancing models of ES3 and ES3B sets as a vanguard, or ES4 and ES4B as similarly campaign figures in firing and loading poses.

In other news from 1898, Empress Miniatures is now stocking the firm’s range of 28mm Spanish infantry figures.


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