10Tori is a card game version of hit iOS apps Threes and 2048 in all but name

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18 May 2017
10tori_banner_002-58584.jpg 10Tori
Players combine numbers from a grid to lay down increasing bigger cards until they have placed two 10s

If you play games on your phone (there’s a pretty good chance of that), you might remember a small puzzle game called 2048 from a few years back that set the mobile world alight with its simple number-adding gameplay.

2048 was actually a clone of another app called 1024, which was itself a self-confessed clone of an earlier game named Threes – all three titles involve slightly different variations on sliding numbered tiles around a grid to combine them into bigger sums until the player runs out of moves.

Now, Threes is getting yet another unofficial spin-off – only, this time, it’s on the tabletop.

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10Tori from Japanese publisher Ukiuki and designer Atobor is a two-player card game that uses cards numbered from 1 to 10 in a three-by-three grid, beginning with nine 1s. Sound familiar?

The game plays like a head-to-head version of Threes, with players able to lay down cards from their hands only if they can combine two or more numbers already on the table to create that result. For instance, 2 and 2 can be used to create 4, but 3, 3 and 4 can be combined to hit the maximum 10, two of which are needed to win.

Certain cards are coloured in each player’s red and blue hue, but can be used by either player in their sums, alongside neutral grey figures. Special ‘change’ cards seem to allow players to swap the colour of one of their opponent’s numbers so it counts towards their own score.

10Tori takes around 15 minutes to play and appears to only be available in Japanese at the moment – but with the cards all using simple numbers, it should be easily playable with a translation of the rules.


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