The Board Gaming Advent Calendars You Need to Know About

15 October 2023
With Saint Nick making us wait until the 25th of December to get our hands on some gifts, we take a look at some of the best advent calendars for the board gamer in your life, be that a loved one or yourself. From dice, to cards, to games, here are five ways to bring Christmas joy to your table a little early.

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EXIT Advent Calendar

If you fancy a brain scratching puzzle every morning on the lead up to Christmas, this is your perfect match. Each day, you’ll open the door to find a tiny room, and within it, a puzzle of some description that will lead you to the next. You’ll be trying to solve it in as few clues as possible, but be warned – this is not for the faint-puzzle-hearted, much like the games themselves, you’ll really need to engage your noggin (and accept that clues are probably going to be vital) in order to succeed, as well as some likely Advent Calendar destruction (so don’t count on this being the advent calendar to rule all advent calendars). However, there are a few years worth now to choose from, and at around £40, it’s a nice luxury to enjoy. 

Q Workshop Advent Calendar

For any Dice Goblin, a legitimate excuse to gain more shiny click-clacks and math rocks is always welcome, and those from Q Workshop make a fun addition to any collection. Known for some funky themed dice sets (from Llamas to The Witcher), you’re bound to get some cool surprises within, collecting a single dice per day.

@tabletopmag Here’s a llama there’s a llama and another little llama... llama dice from Q Workshop! #dice #dicegoblin #tabletop #clickclack #game #gamenight ♬ I Know It's True - AGM3


Included, are a complete Christmas Dice Set, 15 other dice randomly selected from its ranges, and a metal coin decorated with Christmas motifs. If you collect only in full sets, this may not be the one for you, but if you’re happy to pop a few unique dice into a grab bag of RPG goodness, you’re going to gain some epic extras. Plus, like the Exit Calendar before it, this isn’t their first year, so you can potentially pick up some bargains on previous years iterations. 

Bar Room Brawl - The miniatures game Advent Calendar

One for the miniatures fans out there, or simply those who want to play a game at Christmas, as each day in this Mantic Games advent calendar brings you one step closer to having everything you need for a festive game of tavern mayhem. That includes six special limited edition hand cast resin models that are festive themed, which consist of four players, the barkeep and his bouncer, plus the terrain and game tokens. The downside is that you can’t do anything with the calendar innately until Christmas, but it does keep the joy alive for a ready-to-go Christmas Day game. 

Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar

Let's be honest, opening booster packs is like unwrapping a gift at the best of times, let alone when you're checking opening a specific Pokemon Christmas daily advent calendar gift. If you enjoy Pokemon cards, it's hard to see why you wouldn't love this one, as it includes 8 foil Pokemon cards with a festive stamp, 5 booster packs, 7 3-card fun packs, 2 pokemon coins, 2 sticker sheets, one sidekick dangler, and the usual Pokemon TCG Live code. Reviews from early openers (who are probably now on Santa's naughty list as a result of not waiting) mention that some of the promos may be lack luster, but maintain it was a good buy – and a value for money one at that.  

A stack of presents of different sizes and different wrappings with Tabletop Gaming stickers on them

Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention this extravaganza of tabletop goodness. Ordering this sees you receive 25 (that’s right, all the way to Christmas Day!) hand wrapped tabletop gaming related gifts. Whilst the vast majority are games across the spectrum of gaming (board games, card games, RPGs, etc), giving you the chance to have the perfect game for every gamer, there are also gaming-adjacent goodies to mix things up. Your Christmas Tree will never have looked so good. Plus, if the most epic of gaming countdowns alone wasn’t enough, it represents over 50% off RRP of the cost of the calendar, so a complete bargain.



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