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04 March 2019
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Salute Show Guide 2019

Salute. There’s only one way to successfully navigate the biggest pure Wargames show in the UK and that’s with the best wargames magazine: Miniature Wargames.

Salute has such a large haul of excellent display games – plus, of course, a truly vast selection of trade from around the world – that missing things at the show is easy. You know the drill: you turn up unprepared, the doors open and you look around and... you’re lost: there’s almost too much to see. But a good General plans: a good Commander equips the troops to allow for any eventuality. So what can you do? Rest assured, for your attendance at Salute 2019, you don’t need a compass or Sat Nav: all you need is the FREE 48 page Show Guide which is ONLY available in the April edition of Miniature Wargames (issue 432). It’s packed with detail and extra features but – just as importantly – it has the full floorplan to the show.

Using that plan, and the trade and games lists, you can strategically map out your sweep of the room to make sure you hit all the traders you need to, and see every single one of the games that you want! Just as importantly, you can then locate the comfort areas to put your feet up and inspect your purchases!

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As ever, the magazine has a superb selection of articles on a wide variety of Historical, Fantasy and Sci-Fi topics that cater for all periods and interests: if you like Salute, you’ll always find something you want in Miniature Wargames!

So get the advance guide, do your mapwork and make the most of your Salute day: click here to buy the April Miniature Wargames issue 432 and – with the issue’s special emphasis on Normandy 1944 – be prepared for the big push!


Click here to get your issue delivered for FREE within the UK! Guarantee your Show Guide and Miniature Wargames April issue!


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