How do you organise your paints?

01 May 2023
Paint racking – Recommended.

As appeared in Miniature Wargames Magazine

There comes a point in every gamers life when one decides that fumbling through the big box of paints (or desk drawer etc) and navigating that storage ‘solution’ to find exactly the colour one wants becomes unnecessarily onerous. It’s at that point that most of us usually think “wouldn’t it be great to have some sort of paint racking..?” . For me, that moment finally arrived.

I have tried various MDF rack systems designed specifically for gaming hobbyists and they do have some advantages: they are often quite cheap and they are usually sized specifically for modelers’ paint pots. The trouble is that... well they are often quite flimsy and – size wise – not all paint pots are created ‘equal’. I really didn’t want to have to pre-specify whether I was using Army Painter or Vallejo dropper pots or GW flip tops (or Coat D’Arms or anything else). Lastly, having previously put some of them together, I did not want to assemble any MDF without a good reason: if I am sticking burnt wood kits with PVA I’d rather it be a building or something I can actually use on the
table top as opposed to furniture!

Enter the BTremary 6 Tiers Acrylic Nail Polish Organiser sold via Amazon. Prices vary on this depending on what and where you are: I paid just under twenty quid on Amazon and I saw that – in ‘Prime week’ – that they wanted to sell me the same item for 20% off which was hard to argue with. And I liked it so much – and now have quite a lot of paint – so I bought a second one!

They are made from pre-folded/shaped clear acrylic so you can easily see what you have stored on them. They are ‘bottle size agnostic’ holding all sorts of different paints with equal utility; they required almost no assembly (each ‘shelf’ had a simple pair of end-caps to clip on); and each holds – as you can see from the photograph of them on my painting room wall – fifteen dropper bottles without crowding (and more if you have to push it). Just to say again, that’s two whole sets of the stuff in the shot making 12 shelves in total. I’ll probably buy a third...

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Rather than drill the wall I stuck them up with a magnificent product called Nanotape (also available of Amazon) which is the absolute king of double sided sticky tape. Job done, as they say. Highly Recommended.

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