Five Digital Board Games to Play During Lockdown

11 October 2020
Lockdown and beyond!

Sometimes rigging a series of cameras to play games with friends can be frustrating in these isolated times. Instead, take a look at a few of the digital options out there for our favourite analogue titles.


  • Available on Steam with Early Access 
  • Single-player against AI

Gloomhaven’s video game adaption is not a simple translation of the physical board game into the digital counterpart. It is Gloomhaven in a new format, built from the ground up, with the game designed with beautiful character animations, detailed maps and so much attention to the smallest of details, bringing it truly alive. The beloved staples of Gloomhaven, like the card combat, remain unchanged. Gloomhaven is currently in development with the main campaign still to come, however players can explore the world, fight bandits, undead and forest creatures in its adventure mode. 

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Lords of Waterdeep

  • Available on Steam, IOS and Google Play
  • Single-player against AI, pass-and-play, cross-platform online play

Venturing into Waterdeep is a treat any day, and the digital version of the game remains faithful to its physical counterpart. The designers of the app really understood how to best play this game in the digital form, allowing players to see the Waterdeep from different perspectives or zoom in on the parts of the map. While this game can be played against AI or other players online, the pass-and-play mode of Lords of Waterdeep works incredibly well.


  • Available on Steam, IOS, Google Play
  • Single-player against AI, pass-and-play, split screen play, cross-platform multiplayer

Building an adorable village in sunny Charterstone is a much-needed respite, even if the whims of the King need to be entertained from time to time. As there is no need to hide anything from other players, this game is very enjoyable to play on the same screen. The user interface can be slight confusing for players that are new to Charterstone, yet this doesn’t detract from the overall great experience.

Forbidden Island

  • Available of IOS
  • Solo mode, co-operative side-by-side and around-the-table mode

You may not be able to travel to exotic islands, but Forbidden Island is always here for you. It has the sun, the beach, the mysterious relics…and it will try to drown you by sinking into the depths of the sea. However, if you are up for a challenge of escaping the deadly island in Matt Leacock’s classic co-operative game, then its digital app is perfect companion. The apps around-the-table mode - that rotates components on the digital screen so that they are facing all players around the table – is particularly handy if you wanted to play Forbidden Island with other household members.

Ticket to Ride

  • Available on Steam, IOS, Google Play, Kindle Fire
  • Single-player against AI, pass-and-play, cross-platform online play

Trains might be a mundane subject, but train games are fun and Ticket to Ride, a classic and a gateway game, is a must have. The downside of having it in the digital format: it is way too easy to lose track of time. One game turns into ‘just one more game’ with an easy touch or click. Most of Ticket to Ride’s maps - USA, Europe, Switzerland, India and others – can be played in the app, although some of them might cost you extra. There is even a version of Ticket to Ride for young gamers, called The First Journey, that has simplified, but no less enjoyable gameplay. 

Picked by Alexandra Sonechkina

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Many thanks for this reminder. As lockdown and social interaction is reduced (lets face it damp cardboard is a great virus medium) the digital platforms become so much more important. Gamers take note!

Posted by Joe Weiss on Fri 23 Oct 10:07:31