FatMan Productions introduces Awakening: Recon

21 January 2016
PUB_facebook-62840.jpg Awakening: Recon
Miguel Franco's first blog about the new sci-fi skirmish game

During the last three years spent learning about the gaming industry we, at FatMan Productions, developed our first product, a sci-fi miniature war game called Awakening: Recon.

All of us at FatMan Productions are fans of a lot sci-fi movies, tv series and books, so we thought about doing a sci-fi game inspired by the sci-fi culture of the 80’s and 90’s. When it came to the rules we had some things in mind during development that we really wanted to see in a miniatures game: fast paced (30-40 minutes per game with about 40 miniatures per player), classic sci-fi looking miniatures (almost cartoonish) and with dynamic mechanics.

Right now we have an alpha version of the rules, that we hope our backers during the Indiegogo campaign will help perfect and make definitive. It’s a d10 based system, with alternate activation of units, using a system of “command points” that are hidden to your adversary. The four initial factions have a unique way of playing, so that in addition to the looks of the faction, the player may choose their faction based also on the game mechanics of it.

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Story wise Awakening: Recon is a miniature game set in our galaxy thousands of years in the future. The Awakening was the arrival of the Ipse to our galaxy, a species completely alien to all of our life forms. The races now compete for the ever scarcer resources of the galaxy, sometimes coming into conflict with one another. This is the main focus of the game, the initial skirmishes between the mysterious Ipse, the human coalition of mega corporations called The Consortium, a tribal race of amphibious aliens called the Dagonians, and the hermit like Alphas, the remnants of a fallen civilization.

In the next article we will talk about the four races, history, looks and game mechanics.

[submitted by Miguel Franco, FatMan Productions]


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