5 Zine Quest Projects To Watch

10 January 2024
With February marking the start of Zine Month and Zine Quest, creators have started sharing their projects, and we’re taking a look at five ahead of time. For full details, be sure to track them down on their relevant crowdfunding site, and mark the calendar to get involved.  

Zine Quest, or Zine Month, sees an incredible time of independent RPG creators uploading their products to crowdfunding sites, creating a festival of TTRPG delight. If you're wondering the difference between Zine Month and Zine Quest, we've got the detail you need, and we'll be looking more closely at the great options available once the season begins. Until then, here are some of the early birds to look out for.

ARKYVR - Alewood Games 

A MOTHERSHIP based Zine, Arkyvr is a setting and toolkit for 2-5 players to play as documentary filmmakers in space. Created by, and in collaboration with industry film makers, it’s a 40+ page zine putting deadly space adventures through the lens of the camera. Document life amidst the horrors of space, meet corporate media contracts – but beware the truths beneath the surface – and discover how you might use your recorded stories to shift the balance of power. In-game effects take place based on inferences from real life media, making the outcome something unique.  

You’ll be able to find ARKYVR on Crowdfundr 

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The Wigmakers Fingers – Max Moon Games 

Written by Lewis Colburn, this Into the Odd compatible adventure certainly looks the part – it tells the story of Bastion’s Upper crust, where a fancy prosthetic finger is a must. What’s a poor wig maker to do when they can’t afford such a luxury? Perhaps employ you, to steal one for them. Add in a strange cult, some unusual folks residing in the underground, and you’ve got yourself what they’re describing as a “powder keg of adventure”! 

The Wigmakers Fingers will be available on Kickstarter.  

Ganymede Outriders – Caradoc Games 

Beyond the settlements of Ganymede, lies The Frost, a dangerous and lawless place… oh, and there are raptors there too. Space meets dinosaurs meets danger in this full RPG system which offers a player/GM economy called Drift, that powers story driven gameplay. You’ll have the opportunity to create your own vehicles and develop them throughout your game, much like you would a character in the party, as you defend, fix, retrieve, solve, deliver, and transport in your traversal of The Frost… 

Described as a big game in a small package, it’ll head to Kickstarter.  

MÖRK ORG – Beyond Cataclysm Games 

One from our regular contributor Chris Lowry, it’s been described as the clashing of two worlds – a grim and metal world of of rules lite roleplay from MÖRK BORG; and the mundanity of the workplace. “Fight possessed fax machines, battle with the malignant red tapery of Human Resources, and try not get fired… or worse,” in a combination of a dank office and playful yet meaningless RPG violence. Featuring the same standout style imagery MÖRK BORG is known for, it’s a completely standalone RPG which is fully compatible with MÖRK BORG and other roleplay systems.  

Find MÖRK ORG on Kickstarter 

Seelie Court - Sleepy Sparrow Games

Nothing is as it seems in the Seelie Court, especially when it’s a two player courtroom RPG set in Scottish mythology and folklore. Whether you’re defending the innocence of a selkie accused of drowning her husband, insisting on harsher sentences for the bogle charged with insurance fraud, or any number of usual combinations, you’ll play the defence and prosecution in cases brought against creatures of myth and legend. Of course, it wouldn’t be the Seelie court without tricks hidden amongst your gathered evidence, or within your witness interrogations, but it’s up to you to tip scales of justice in your favour.  

All rise on Kickstarter for the Seelie Court.  

Words by Charlie Pettit 


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