Wyvern Tabletop Games Club

Tabletop games of all types: board games, card games, miniatures, RPGs. Game nights are held: 6pm-9:30pm, second Sunday of each month, at Bishampton Villages Hall, WR10 2LY.

In the heart of Wychavon, Mid Worcestershire, we're trying to create the kind of board games and tabletop club that we always wished we had. Wyvern Tabletop Games Club is like a pop-up board game cafe... but with a limited choice of refreshments! It's like a board games night at a pub... if everybody in the pub was a gamer, and the pub is actually a modern village hall! And you can bring your own drinks. We welcome anyone who wants to play tabletop games: be that board games, card games, miniatures games, or tabletop role-play games (RPGs).

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Village Hall Broad Lane Pershore, United Kingdom, WR10 2LY