Tabletop Tavern

Tabletop Tavern is a club based in Canterbury, UK that brings people together to play tabletop roleplaying games such as, but not limited to, Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition. Members of the club are from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations, including all over the UK, as well as many in the USA and mainland Europe.

Tabletop Tavern is a fast growing, democratic, volunteer-led, not-for-profit, unincorporated association primarily using Dungeons & Dragons in person and online to provide fun, safe and inclusive spaces for people to socialise & relax. Our priority at is to maintain an all-inclusive and welcoming community as well as to provide a safe space for everyone while catering to a shared interest of tabletop games. Tabletop Tavern has a "shared world" within which GMs can each create a location and run D&D sessions for players to freely move between with their characters. Most of the time, this is the setting in which our games are run, however anyone is welcome to run other tabletop systems within the club as well!

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Military Road Canterbury, United Kingdom, CT1 1YX