Leicester All Scars

Leicester All Scars is a Warhammer 40k gaming club based at Tabletop Tyrants in Leicester.

Leicester All Scars is a long standing club based at Tabletop Tyrants (AKA Gifts for Geeks) in Leicester. We have a full calendar of events in 2022. Our primary events are held every third Saturday. We run an even mix of casual events, semi-competitive events, and ITC registered competitive tournaments. Every Monday evening we also have a few open games that anyone can sign up for. We have a large variety of terrain that we are working on expanding. The club primarily focuses on Warhammer 40k however many players take part in other systems as well such as MESBG, Horus Heresy 30K, Age of Sigmar and more. Our main discussion group, where you can learn all about our events, get involved and meet new people is on facebook. Searching for 'Leicester All Scars' on facebook will find us. Our club motto is 'All Players, All Levels, All Scars'. Our goal is to provide fun events for every type of player. We hope you will join us and find something you enjoy!

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Bedford Street South Leicester, United Kingdom, LE1 3JR