Leeds Wargames Club

The Club meets every Wednesday night and will soon be opening up on selected weekends (by pre-arrangement).

When the planet passes it's collective Constitution Saving Throw we hope to expand our hours of operation to allow members to game seven days a week. We meet at Hicks Hall, our new gaming centre on Bankfield Terrace in Burley, just off Kirkstall Road and very close to the Vue Cinema. We play most forms of wargames, including Black Powder, Impetus, Warmaster Ancients, Cold War Commander, Check Your 6, Blue Max, Age of Eagles, in fact we have tried most rulesets out there. Probably the best thing about coming to a wargames club is the opportunity to play a game that you simply would not be able to do at home. Here at the Leeds Wargames Club we recognise this and so we have filled and entire shed with matts of all colours, hills, trees, buildings and terrain features of all scales and sizes

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Hicks Hall 60 Bankfield Terrace Leeds, United Kingdom, LS4 2JR