Hornchurch Heroes Gaming Club

Miniature, RPG, Card and Board games.

Hornchurch Heroes is a table top gaming club based in Hornchurch, Essex. The club palys a variety of miniature, card, roleplay and board games with Warhammer 40K / Age of sigma, Boltaction, Guildball,X-wing and Magic the Gathering being particularly popular. Other games played include Malifaux, Bushido, Infintiy, Flames of War, Warmachine / Hordes, Dungeons and Dragons and Keyforge among many others. The club is located at Bretons Manor having moved their in 2019 from our original home at Tole Haven, Roneo Corner. Our new location offers both ample parking and on site bar. Due to the nature of the venue we cannot accept unattended children, though Children accompanied by by a parent or guardian are welcome.

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411 The Manor House (Bretons0 Rainham Road Rainham, United Kingdom, RM13 7LP