Cowards Wargames

Historical, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Wargames, Boardgames and Roleplaying Club.

We are a social group where people are able to turn up on a weekly basis to share a few laughs, have coffee and cake, and play “wargames”. The Cowards are happy to play any era or scale of wargaming and are always open to new games being introduced to the club. We also welcome boardgamers, roleplayers and cardplayers (however, a game of monopoly or gin rummy may feel a little out of place on a Friday night). We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and supportive club. Anyone is welcome to put on a game, suggest changes or show off their new ‘toys’ for admiration or constructive criticism. Many members will be able to offer you advice on making terrain pieces and painting miniatures (whether you want it or not). On most evenings there will be an “open” game in which anybody can take part. Feel free to approach other members and ask about their games, the old hands who know the rules or era will usually show new players how to play. Also if you have an idea for a game, or wish to run an open game, your contribution would be most welcome. Remember that game umpires are excused participation fees! Occasionally our members will put on grand scale games, where the entire hall is taken over by huge aeroplane dogfights or a massive multi-table game. We have an extensive range of club-owned terrain – hills, rivers, bridges, forts, fields, lava, space ships, caravan stacks, hedges, tents, jungle hooches, city streets, etc., etc., etc. – in scales from as small as 1/300th all the way up to 54mm. The majority of the terrain is 20-28mm scale and can be used for most ancient/modern/future eras. The terrain stores are always being added to and improved and the club regularly checks in with its members to see if there is anything that needs to be replaced, repaired or acquired. We are fortunate at the Centre to have a large hall area and two separate rooms around it available for gaming. Tables and terrain do not need to be booked to be used, we only ask that they be treated with respect. Each year the Cowards host a national DBM ancients tournament. It takes place over a weekend in Summer and has received excellent feedback from the people who come to play from all over the country (there’s even awards). You may have heard of us as “Coltishall Cowards”. The club was formed in the early 1980’s and originally met at the Village Hall in Coltishall. In late 2006 the club moved to the Broadland Youth and Community Centre in Hoveton to take advantage of the better facilities on offer, but the name has stuck in some gaming circles. The club meets every Friday evening, 7/7.30 until late and has the hall all day on the last Sunday of each month (this is for members who want to put on longer or larger games than a normal Friday night). The first night at the club is free. Subs are usually £3 per night. Coffees and cakes are also available most nights.

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