Cheltenham Board Gaming Community

Community of friendly board gamers based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

We were born in the Railway public house, as a meetup for card games and simple family board games, the group grew and evolved into playing more euro style games, ultimately moving to the Old Restoration. Roughly four years ago, we moved to our current home in the Sandford Park Ale House. The Sandford is a great venue, the upstairs room is like having our own club room, we have it to ourselves, the beers are probably the best in Cheltenham and the food is decent too. We try to be a community, an umbrella for gaming in Cheltenham and open to engaging with other groups. We aim to provide a great environment where you can come together, a forum for sharing information, meet new people, and play games. We’re not affiliated to any commercial organisation, and no money is made. We do charge a nominal attendance fee (£10 per year), this is to cover off any expenses and Meet-up costs. So if you’re thinking of coming along… - We gather just before 7pm every Thursday, typically from 6.45pm – we break up into a number of groups - We’re very inclusive and play games of differing complexity from lightweight social games which are great for beginners through to medium complexity - We typically play through to about 10pm, but there’s no hard and fast close and we’ve been known to go on til pub closing - Gone are the days when it was about a group of blokes in dark hoodies, we now have members of all ages; 18-60, couples and loads of female attendees - We typically get 30 people attend our weekly gaming In addition to our weekly meet up: - There’s a splinter group which meets on a Monday - We typically meet every two months for a big game Sunday - It’s a great place to meet like minded folk and break away for games nights - Arrange to head off to gaming festivals or cons with other local people Please give it a go and come on down – we look forward to welcoming you in the near future. If you’ve got any thoughts on what you’d like to see us doing, come along and let us know.

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20 High Street Cheltenham, United Kingdom, GL50 1DZ