Bromley Board Gamers

Friendly board games group centred on Bromley , SE London UK. Currently regular meet ups at Paradice games cafe Monday evenings 6-10 pm. If you live in Bromley or any of the surrounding areas please come say hi! We organise the evenings through our Facebook Group

Bromley Board Gamers have been going since January 2018 and we meet every Monday from 6pm. We started out in a games cafe in Bromley but since that closed we now meet every Monday in Petts Wood Methodist Church halls.


We play a huge variety of modern board games. If your sole knowledge of board games is Monopoly and Cluedo you are in for a wonderful enlightenment. We will introduce you to the hobby and teach you the games.


Since our founding we have played over 400 different games not counting repeat plays! What gets played varies from week to week but rest assured all tastes are covered from light easy to learn fun through to heavier fare.


All the event registration and discussions from members about upcoming evenings and photos and write ups of previous evenings appear on our private Facebook Group feel free to apply to join the Bromley Board Gamers Facebook group (


We always try to ensure everyone is matched up with a game in advance or on the night, so if you RSVP please be on time or let us know what time you will arrive.


We're a friendly bunch, passionate about the hobby. Come say hi!

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Pets Wood Methodist Church Queensway Petswood, United Kingdom, BR5 1EB