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Tiny Workbench



This is the creative studio in a box, designed by makers for makers.
The solid ply case that is your work surface, toolbox and studio all in one. If you’re short on space but not short on creativity, pursue your craft at your Tiny Workbench.

This is a premium, hard wearing, high quality, beautifully made workspace produced with care and attention to every last detail. Each one is hand made in our workshop and a well deserved upgrade from the cutting mat on the kitchen table. This is a space you want to work at, to enjoy spending time here and invest in your craft, hobby and yourself.

The three sizes available are created around the size of the cutting mat. A3 is our most compact workbench, A2 is an excellent all rounder and lastly the A1, a behemoth with space for some serious tooling.

There are various options available. The digital plans, a build it yourself approach, and a fully produced and hand finished Workbench delivered in time for Christmas.

The rewards prices are currently at 20% less than we will be able to retail the Tiny Workbenches for. Join us through this campaign and you will be rewarded with the Tiny Workbench at the lowest cost possible!

Designed By Makers.

We put together this short, short film to share the origin story of the Tiny Workbench. It was developed because of an obsession with notepads, then journeyed through a 1963 edition of the Good Handyman’s Encyclopedia and has ended up in the form you see it today.

Join Us.