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New release: Britannia - Classic and new Duel Edition

PSC Games

The much-loved historical board game Britannia returns with over 200 beautifully sculpted plastic miniatures and two ways to play!


About The Game
Classic Britannia
plays in the way all Britannia fans know and love, with four players recreating the turbulent history of Britain from the coming of the Romans to the conquest by the Normans. Each player controls several tribes including the Angles, Saxons, Irish, Norsemen, Danes, as well as leaders like Boudicca, King Arthur, Offa, and many other recognisable names from British history. The power of each tribe will rise and fall as the game progresses through the centuries, so players must work out when to expand and when to consolidate.


Duel Britannia is a new, fast-playing adaptation for two players, on a new board including Ireland. This version benefits from designer Lew Pulsipher’s continued development and player feedback, and brings the classic gameplay to a smaller player count.


Check out an unboxing video from YouTube user Shin Godzilla.

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Duration: 90-240 minutes

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