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Help nature reclaim what is hers by restoring a polluted valley to its pristine state. Place your animal dominoes along the course of a brook and replant the surrounding land to score points. But when is the best moment to plant each of your various plants? And where are the best spots to do so? These are the questions you must answer to win.


About The Game
From the legendary design duo of Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling comes a game of simple rules coupled with a multitude of exciting decisions and tactical possibilities.

In Renature, each player has dominoes with animals on them and a number of different plants. On your turn, you place a domino from your hand so that it matches all its neighbors. Then, you may place a plant beside it in an area. You gain points based on the size and number of plants there, and hopefully later again when the area is scored – either because it is surrounded by dominoes or at the end of the game.

Underneath an easy rule set lies a multitude of tricky decisions and tactical possibilities.The best players know how to manage their hands to form a long term strategy and adapt to surprises, how to figure out and block their opponents’ designs, and how heavily to commit to each of the many tense contests that occur across the board.

Stunning components and a beautiful theme combine to make Renature a great fit for casual players and heavy gamers alike.


Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4
Duration: 45-60 minutes




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