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The Troops Are Marching

We have already achieved a lot - but we also have a lot more to do. Learn more

What began in 2013 with initial ideas has developed into a major project over a period of almost 7 years. Although we have already achieved a lot, we are still constantly on the move - with new impulses, new ideas and new visualizations. What we have planned in the near future can be found in following overview:

   • August + September 2020: Adaptation of the companions (colored illustrations, instead of sketchy drawings)

   • September - November 2020: Development of the Kickstarter campaign site

   • September 26 - 28, 2020: Exhibitor at the Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live 2020

   • October 2020: Reviews (The Dice Tower, Rahdo Runs Through, Man vs. Meeple and 8 others)

   • Beginning of November 2020: AWL League semi-finals and final

   • November 11, 2020: Launch of the Kickstarter campaign

   • November 30, 2020: End of the Kickstarter campaign

   • November 2020 - March 2021: Further refinements, optimizations and improvements

   • March 2021: Start of production (if the Kickstarter campaign was successful)

   • End of July 2021: Delivery of the board games to the backers (if the Kickstarter campaign was successful)

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