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The Fallen Empire

Mighty forces have torn the country apart. The only way across are the Iron Blades

Creatures, Fossa, Baboon or Sovereign: all these clans fade away compared to the unpredictable entities of ancient times: the Úlfur. The central board (CB) often turns out to be a mean, dark and dangerous place – because this is where the henchmen of the Fallen Empire push their way towards you. And there are truly a multitude of them.

[Cryptoprocta ferox]
The power of the Horde rests on the vast number of combat troops – nameless mercenaries of every kind of weapon. Easy to fight, but very difficult to control.

What they lack in strength and endurance, they compensate with deviousness and instinct. They discover rare ores – even deep below the earth – and are therefore very valuable when caught.

Ancient creatures from the depths of this world that only long for annihilation. Codex and honour mean nothing to them. Courageous are those who oppose them alone.

They command the legions of the Citadel. Armed to the teeth and extremely resistant – blindly and faithfully loyal to their Lord. You should fear their elite commandos.

Shadow Kings
[Umbrae regem]
You can never really defeat them – and yet many heroes have fought side by side in the Black Fortress against the Kings of the Shadow Realm. Be victorious or die.

[Cyno craferox]
Úlfur are the true masters on Taphao. They have been waiting for their awakening deep under the ice for centuries to extinguish all life. May that day never come.

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