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2-4 Player Mode

Gather companions and lead an expedition into the frozen Northern Territories

As the drums of war shake the foundations of this world, the Alliance and the Fallen Empire call their mighty forces to arms to fight on the battlefields of Thaera. May destiny decide who will survive and carry the Crown of Darkness.

Welcome to Thaera´Ijun
The royal city of Thaera´Ijun is the starting point of your expedition all the way across the continent. From here, you’ll set out to face thrilling adventures and perilous challenges. You’ll pass by endless grassy plains, advance into the depths of impenetrable forests, traverse the Obsidian Islands of the Westbound Reach, enter the legendary City of Outer Sands, leave the hostile Great Salt Desert behind you, walk the mysterious Nowhere Trail, find a way through Stonewalled Lives and finally – after slipping past the great Ice Wall and its dangerous narrow places – arrive, emaciated and exhausted, at the foot of the mighty fortress in the ice. And here, your greatest test awaits you.

Gather Companions around you, overcome epic tests and vanquish the mighty walls of the Citadel. Always remember: In the contest to conquer it, you’re competing with other fellowships. It isn’t the first player to get hold of the Crown of the Princes of the Northern Lands who’ll definitely be able to claim the glory of victory, but the one who, using a well-thought-out strategy, captures treasures (Victory Points) and valuable objects (cards) at the right points in the game.

Setup: 2-Player mode
Scenario: Crossfire
Requirements: 2 starter decks
Duration: 30-60 minutes

Setup: 3-Player mode
Scenario: Flank attack
Requirements: 3 starter decks
Duration: 45-75 minutes

Setup: 4-Player mode
Scenario: Encirclement
Requirements: 4 starter decks
Duration: 60-90 minutes

The sequence of play for each turn
   • Step 1: Set out the Companions’ basic resources

   • Step 2: Determine the additional bonus of the Fellowship

   • Step 3: Determine the additional bonus of the path square

   • Step 4: Put the cards together and shuffle them

   • Step 5: Draw the top 6 cards

   • Step 6: Lay your remaining cards back down again

   • Step 7: Carefully (deliberately) play the cards you’ve drawn

   • Step 8: Take the resources, buy cards, make your move

   • Step 9: Finish your turn

   • Step 10: Your fellow player starts their turn

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