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Infinity Bags

Infinity is one of the best skirmish games around!  Our partners over at Corvus Belli have been hard at work releasing new versions to please any tabletop gamer.

From CodeOne for beginners and Infinity-Lite gameplay, all the way to the just released N4 rules, you can bet Battle Foam has something on deck to match these awesome updates!

First, we have our new Infinity Beta 2.0 Bag.  It uses the same foam as our Mark 1 version, but has increased functionality with a new front pocket to hold your accessories and a new shoulder strap to add more options in how you carry your models.

Second, we have our 3.0 version of the very popular Infinity Alpha bag.  Just like the Beta, the interior stays the same, but the big changes happen on the outside.  We added another large side pocket to match the first.  This gives even more room for dice, markers, laser pens, and anything else you might want to bring to the battlefield.  Need more space?  Well we added Molle to the whole back section of the bag!  This gives you the option to add the accessories that best fit your needs on the fly. We have also increased the Velcro front area to allow you to display all of those cool patches that you have been collecting and earning.

Just like the game, Battle Foam has a lot of updates with our Infinity bags to be more user-friendly and a better value product.  You can see these new bags along with their predecessors at here!

Don’t forget, throughout Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live, all of our products will be 25% off, including these awesome new colored bags! All you need to do is visit and use code TTG25 at checkout!

Have questions? Please reach out to our UK Warehouse in Southend-on-Sea by emailing Jemma and team at [email protected] or calling +44 (0) 1702 462 017. You can also find us on Facebook to message us at