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Custom Tray Creator

Are you on the Battle Foam website trying to find that perfect tray for that one unit in your army? Maybe you like to stay super organized and want specific models in their own trays. Maybe we don’t have a pre-designed tray that matches your needs exactly. Sometimes you need space for 3 Repulsor Models and you don’t want two buy 2 trays and waste the space?

Well that is where our updated Custom Tray Creator comes into play! We dedicate a lot of resources to ensure our library of shapes is accurate and up to date with the most popular ranges and New Releases. 

You can find shapes quickly using the search function, or you can browse by game.

Not finding what you are looking for? You can either create your own rectangles and circles using our custom shape tool, or trace your models and send them in to us!  No matter the mini, we will create the best solution that only Battle Foam can provide!

Don’t forget, throughout Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live, all of our products will be 25% off, including custom trays! All you need to do is visit and use code TTG25 at checkout!

Have questions? Please reach out to our UK Warehouse in Southend-on-Sea by emailing Jemma and team at [email protected] or calling +44 (0) 1702 462 017. You can also find us on Facebook to message us at