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Kim-Joy's Magic Bakery

Coming soon!

Fill in for renowned baker and animal-lover Kim-Joy at her magical bakery and work together to bake up tasty treats for the colorful creatures of the forest! Team up with your friends and race against the timer to assemble as many recipes as you can with limited information. But watch out, because with every satisfied customer a new whimsical challenge appears for players to overcome. From sleeping Koalas to mischievous Mice and sneezing Dragons, no bake is as easy as it seems! Kim-Joy's Magic Bakery is a lightweight, cooperative card game great for players ages 8 and older. Each round, you’ll be gathering ingredients from the pantry and using them to create layers that you’ll turn in to finished tasty baked goods. But at the end of each round, you pass your hand to your neighbor. This means you’ll have to work together with everyone at your table to keep your adorable customers happy with their bakes.