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At Dstl, wargaming is so much more than a game. It helps to enhance the UK’s security. It shapes the UK’s strategy. And it helps the UK get ahead of the game.

We’re Dstl, and we develop science and technology to enhance the UK’s defence and security. You might have heard about us in the news. But there’s so much more to us than the headlines. Our work is mostly confidential – and for good reason - but that doesn’t mean it’s the stuff of sci-fi. It’s real innovation, to keep real people safe.

And we’re all about collaboration. In fact, we provide specialist services to the Ministry of Defence and wider government. So sharing ideas, knowledge and insights is key to what we do. That’s exactly what happens in our wargaming capability.

Wargaming isn’t the next big gaming release. Instead, it’s how we give the UK an advantage and keep ahead of the game. So it’s an area of Dstl that’s incredibly important.

So, what’s it all about? We model different
adversarial situations and immerse individuals into realistic environments. The aim is for the scenarios to be so lifelike that we see how people really react and the kind of unbiased decisions they make. This helps us to influence tactical and strategic decisions, shape high-profile policies and equip our partners with valuable insights. 

Our wargaming analysts are at the heart of all this. They help us to think about things differently. It’s a balance of being highly creative, while using structured analytical techniques. And it’s all about championing different methods and approaches. If you’re someone who loves to try something new, coming at things from a different angle or challenging assumptions, wargaming could be the perfect fit.

You might be wondering what kind of skills you need or the kind of person you need to be. Firstly, you’ll need to have great communication skills as you’ll be trusted to work with our range of customers and the military. You’ll provide technical advice and direction, so you’ll need to truly understand the needs and challenges. 

You might also work with people who don’t have a technical background. So it’s important that you can explain things clearly, and visualise
data in a meaningful way. (Using data to tell a story is a key part of wargaming.)
And you’ll need to be naturally curious and inquisitive. You’re the kind of person who doesn’t shy away from a challenge or a problem. You love finding the right solution, taking on complex tasks and picking things apart.

We’re always looking for people with this kind of mindset. People who can bring different perspectives to the team and explore the unexplored. With this hunger, we can make the most of your passion. And you’ll make more of the UK’s defence. 

So, are you ready to be at the top of your game? We thought so.

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