Warhammer Underworlds Tournament

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Warhammer Underworlds is Games Workshops "ultimate competitive miniatures game" but its a lot of fun too......

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Warhammer Underworlds Tournament

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Agents of Sigmar is devoted to the love of the game; good friends having a great time. There are lots of tournaments worldwide where the best players can gather together and fight it out, but for many, these can be daunting experiences. The Agents want to provide a relaxed atmosphere, where people who love Underworlds can gather and have time to chat with their opponent before the next game. Viewers of Agents of Sigmar will know Pete and Robin love a good chinwag and we want that spirit to form part of our very first Agents of Sigmar Underworlds Social.


For those that dont know, Robin and Pete are a pair of Geek dads (Robin even writes for GeekDad.com) who have played Games Workshop games for many decades. With Warhammer Underworlds, they found their perfect game and now devote their YouTube Channel, Agents of Sigmar, to showcasing the game they love. 


The tournament will take place on Saturday 26th September at Tabletop Gaming Live. We will be looking to run from 10am through to 5pm. Exact timings and schedule will be updated nearer the time. 


Entry is £5 per person. 


* PLEASE NOTE ticket entry to Tabletop Gaming Live will be required. Please purchase tickets separately here for entry. Unfortunately late registration may result in you not being able to participate . Please ensure that you bring a copy of your order confirmation to the event. 

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