Tabletop Gaming - Issue 91

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Make your board game night the ULTIMATE one!

On Sale: 24/05/2024

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What's in this Issue?

The Ultimate Board Game Night!

What takes a regular board game night to the ultimate one? We’re bringing you all the tips! What games should you play? How do you choose them? Should you throw a game? What food and drink should you serve? Plus, we’re joined by Hachette Board Games UK and Big Potato Games! 

What’s in this issue:

•    THE BEST NIGHT IN: Hachette Board Games UK join us to figure out what would make up the best gaming night with an unlimited budget…
•    CRAFTING A PERFECT GAME NIGHT: What games should you pick and why? What food and drinks should you serve? Should you ever throw a game? All this and more!
•    BIG POTATO GAMES: The royalty of party games give us an idea of what games we’ll be playing in the coming year
•    PAC-MAN QUORIDOR: Ahead of its UKGE debut, we hear more about how the digital legend has moved onto tabletop
•    23 REVIEWS: With three Must-Play games this month, and a ton more recommendations, you’re bound to find your perfect game between these pages

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